Young talent & youth intrepid youth

Their freshness and carefree attitude are among their best weapons. For decades, AS Monaco has had many youngsters in its ranks who have distinguished themselves under the Diagonal and shone on the world stage. A fearless youth that is part of the club's DNA.


Outstanding leaders of men

Through their speeches, their philosophy or their management, coaches have contributed to writing some of the most beautiful pages in the history of AS Monaco.


Heroes made into legends

Reversals of fortune, records, exploits, AS Monaco has many players who have gone down in the club's history. Decisive heroes capable of showing the way to success.


Teams that never give up

Titles, series of victories, epics... AS Monaco has regularly put the Principality on the map of European football. Resilient, showing courage and self-sacrifice, our teams have distinguished themselves in matches that have become legendary.


A unique identity

An iconic diagonal, a stadium built on the sea, a pioneering training policy, an ultra-modern performance centre, AS Monaco is proud to rely on a unique identity.

Photo Louis II stadium
Photo new training centre AS MONACO 1
Photo of new training centre AS MONACO 2



Every day we look up to the horizon and open ourselves to the opportunities that await us.


In football as in life, if you don't shoot, you don't score; we roll the dice and have the courage to try new things
and explore new paths.


We never give up. It's not in our DNA. We are relentless in taking the risks necessary to win big.

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